Welcome to schwarzwaldmädel.de, welcome to the Black Forest !

Who doesn't know the famous girl from the beautiful Black Forest and maybe even the cinema movie by the same name?!
We would like to give the big name some new momentum, make the Black Forest girl more modern and contemporary (see our protected logo) and still preserve tradition and love for our homeland.

Our motto is: 100% made in black forest.
Therefore we offer here in our Onlineshop exclusively products, which are manufactured in the Black Forest. (with the exception of the clothing. . . of course the cotton of the Shirts is not from the Black Forest ;-) )

That means: in our shop you will find original Black Forest products in excellent Black Forest quality !
These are certainly somewhat more expensive than cheap replicas, especially from the Far East, but very good quality also has its price.
The honey is produced a few kilometres away from us by diligent bees, wood decoration is made only 2 villages further for us, the cuckoo clocks are traditionally built in Schonach or Schönwald and the original Black Forest ham we get from one of the best butcher shops in Germany, just around the corner from us.

We want to support regional businesses, from hobby artists to watch factories in Schonach or Schönwald.
The products are made by hand and with much love to our wonderful homeland.
All our employees were born in the Black Forest and of course know their way around here very well.

If you have questions about our products or special requests, call us or mail us, we will find a solution for (almost) everything !
And now have fun while shopping and discovering on YOUR schwarzwaldmädel.de
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